History of the Club

This 1953 photo of the Club's Indoor Rifle Team was taken at the Indoor Range which was located, at that time, under the bowling alley on Main Street. The rifles are model 52 Winchester match rifles. The original Indoor Range was in use from the 1930s to the 1970s and also served a Junior Rifle Club Shooting Program. When the bowling alley closed in the late 1970s the Club built the present Indoor Range, located behind the American Legion Post 42. After his death in 1984 the range was dedicated to long standing member Don Rhodes, seen here in the front left.

Over the years, several organizations (and thousands of members) have realized the benefits of using our facilities including Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) Teams, the Towanda High School Rifle Team, and the Penn York Marine Corps Detachment. In more recent years, we have held Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) shoots, NRA sponsored Women On Target events and Ladies Day Fun shoots. Our rich history of the Shooting Sports, and preservation of our Constitutional 2nd Amendment, continues on.